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APS «Zaslon» multifunctional active protection system

Multifunctional active protection system is intended for protection of tanks, light armored cars (carriers) and stationary objects (nuclear stations, residences of state officials) from anti-tank means by their explosion, mechanical damage or deviation of anti-tank means from predetermined trajectory in the zone close up to the carrier before their contact with the armour.

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Active protection system Zaslon

Multifunctional active protection system APS «Zaslon»


Purpose of  APS «Zaslon» multifunctional active protection system

It is intended for protection of tanks, light armored cars (carriers) and 

stationary objects (nuclear stations, residences of state officials) from anti-tank means by their explosion, mechanical damage or deviation of anti-tank means from predetermined trajectory in the zone close up to the carrier before their contact with the armour.

«Zaslon» system creates an active protection zone at the safe distance from the protected object. Anti-tank means (RPG, PTUR, KS, BPS and other), attacking the object, are  neutralized in this zone.

Installation of «Zaslon» system does not deteriorate combat or operational characteristics of the carrier and increases survivability of the crew by more than two times. It allows to  strengthen confidence of the crew in fulfilling of combat tasks.


Active protection system is effective against following anti-tank means:

- Tandem and non-tandem grenades of light and heavy grenades launchers, recoilless guns;

- Cumulative artillery shells of up to 125mm caliber;

- Anti-tank guided missiles.



Active protection system “Zaslon” is efficient in all weather conditions:

- It operates in rain, fog, snow and dust; 

- It is characterized by high secrecy;

- Jamming immunity and survivability;

- It does not limit the speed and cross-country maneuverability of combat vehicle.



 Structure of APS  «Zaslon»

«Zaslon» system comprises:

Control panel, and set of connecting cables, placed inside the vehicle;  

Autonomous operating modulesinstalled on the combat vehicle;  

Replaceable rods with defense ammunition, installed in the operating modules.

 Control panel

brings the modules into combat position, gives signals on serviceability and readiness of operating modules for fulfillment of  combat functions, blocks system operation when blocking signals are transferred from the protected object, provides an emergency self-destruct mode of defense ammunition when such is necessary.


The system is operated by one member of the crew. The vehicle commander or driver switches on power supply to operating modules by toggle-switch the on control panel. All further steps are performed automatically.

 Operating functions are reduced to switching on and off  by the toggle-switch on the control panel – otherwise the system operates in autonomous mode and assistance of the operator is not required.

 Autonomous operating modules

 Operating modules  provide selection of targets according to speed, dimensions and movement direction.  Destruction or weakening of anti-tank means defeating ability is provided in protected sector when attacking targets are identified.

Number of operating modules and of their installation spots are determined by the Customer depending on required level of protection.

Modules can be placed along the perimeter of combat vehicle for protection in the front part of the vehicle and on the sides. They can also be placed on the turret for protection from anti-tank tank means, attacking from upper semi-hemisphere.

Mounted placement of modules and minimized size of control panel permit to easily adapt the system to different types of tanks, armored vehicles, stationary objects, to perform re-equipment as the system is updated and new types of protection systems are developed.


Placing variants on various carriers are presented in section “Gallery”

                      Testing of components is done automatically. If components are serviceable, one rod with defense ammunition is pulled out automatically in each operating module at a time. Radar detection systems are powered, forming a circular zone before each operating module which is the zone of target detection and decision for the explosion of defense ammunition.

                      Operation of each module is autonomous. Autonomy of operating modules is achieved due to availability of components set with closed cycle of operations.

          The armored frame of operating module is shock proofed. It protects from bullets and fragmentation, and ensures survivability of the radio-electronic units installed inside the frame.

          The frame waterproof allows to cross water barriers and provides resistance from the impact of inflammable substances.

Replaceable rods

The pulled out rods contain:

- defense ammunition with predetermined zone of fragmentation dispersion

- radar sensor.


Small-size radar system provides:

-Target detection and selection by speed and direction of movement;

-Capability to identify targets, receding from the protected object or flying by, --including bullets and fragmentation;

-Multilevel processing of digital signals;

-High information density and data processing speed for decision-making in respect to defense ammunition explosion.

-High jamming immunity, secrecy of system operation.

-Operation in any weather and time conditions, as well as absence of the visibility and increased dust concentration.


            Radar system has a block structure with low energy consumption characteristics. Its units can be reprogrammed through external interface.


Defense ammunition (high-explosive fragmentation ammunition), unshot, when exploding, it forms a circular engagement zone with multiechelon stream of high-speed fragmentation, shock wave and explosion products, defeating or deflecting and weakening damage impact of attacking means before they contact the armor.


Operation of APS «Zaslon»

As the system is switched on, self-check of components is performed automatically, rods with defense ammunition are pulled out, radar is switched on.

After identification of targets according to probability of protected object defeat, the command for explosion of defense ammunition is given.

After actuation of defense ammunition the second rod with defense ammunition is pulled out in 15 seconds to repulse the following attacks.


Mechanism of cumulative anti-tank means neutralization:

-automatic identification of the approaching target and establishment of the fact, that the approaching shell is the target, which needs to be destroyed;

-the signal for an explosion of defense ammunition is given by one of the module rods

-having exploded, the defense ammunition forms the circular defeat zone

- Hitting of defense ammunition elements causes piercing of the shell frame, destroying cumulative shell-hole.

The mechanism of neutralization of the amour-piercing subcaliber shells:

- When an amour-piercing shell gets into a multi-echeloned stream of fragments the core gets the powerful shock pulse, which causes a slight deflection from the trajectory

- The core changes the encounter angle  with the armor, and armor-piercing penetration capacity is reduced considerably.


       Due to new technical solutions «Zaslon» system outstands other advertised systems and has no analogues worldwide in its combat and technical characteristics. 

«Zaslon» differs favorably from its analogues owing to the following characteristics:

Increase of nomenclature of intercepted targets

Protection from cumulative  and armor-piercing artillery shells

Possibility of installation on light armored vehicles

Increased jamming immunity

High secrecy and ability to operate in any weather conditions

Considerably lower power consumption

Smaller weight and size


Tactical and technical characteristics

APS «Zaslon»


Main battle tanks, all types of light and heavy armored vehicles, stationary objects

Detection and tracking of targets


Protected sector at azimuth, deg

150 – 360 (depending on number of modules)

Range of defeated ATM, m/s

70 – 1200

Increase of carrier dimensions

General dimensions of the carrier vehicle do not change

Defeat method

Side impact at explosion of non-fired high-explosive shell

Weight (including armor), kg

50 – 130 (one module)

Power consumption, kW

0,4 – 0,5

Possibility of installation on light-armored combat vehicles


Jamming immunity


Secrecy of operation


Efficiency of operation, s

0,001 – 0,006

Operating modes

Automatic , Round the clock, All-weather

Detection range of approaching targets, m

1,5 – 2,0

Possibility of binary application with explosive reactive armor


Number of modules installed on the vehicle

at Customer’s request

Number of defense ammunition, pcs

1 – 2 pcs for each module

Volume of equipment installed inside of the carrier vehicle, liters

Not more than 1


More detailed information can be given on customers request.

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